Alana is a creative force and lights up a room with her words and ideas. She brings a unique blend of two minds - the creative and the logical. I am excited to see her speak again.”
— Matthew Brimer (Co-Founder, General Assembly)

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I’m passionate about bringing ideas to life in innovative ways and empowering the people who make that possible. I help companies attract, retain and engage their employees through imagination and art-based thinking that leads to new ideas and new ventures.

I’ve always been fascinated by the process of discovery and cultivating imagination. I feel a great sense of pride in having built strategies, ventures and pieces of artwork in the world. I’ve also learned a great number of lessons on change-making, translating new ideas in organizations and developing a self-permission to create in your career and your life.

I speak at Fortune 500 companies, conferences, associations, business schools, and leadership retreats.



  • The Imagination Mindset: Building Creative Habits to Drive Change

  • Creating the Context for Creativity: Using Art-thinking for Disruptive Innovation 

  • Come Alive in Your 9 to 5: Steps to Becoming an Intrapreneur and Igniting Your Passion Projects