The Art of Getting Started

With the early January momentum settling it’s time to figure out the art of getting started and more importantly, the art of maintaining the momentum. Instead of waiting for the perfect moment, idea or space to get creating – start small. Lee Crutchley, the talented illustrator responsible for the book and blogThe Art of Getting Started has a great approach – little tasks that get your creativity flowing and to inspire continuous bursts of productivity. Today’s task – doodle on a post it note.

Without the ominous idea of setting up a studio space I threw together these doodles in-between meetings. My 30 second creative process:

1) Inspiration: walking by the cactus in the Sydney office

2) Visualizing: how to make a post-it note interesting and checking out sample images

3) Outcome: Armored Beauty – A cactus flower and thistle surrounding  a dragon fruit