Open Studio

Einstein once said that logic will take you from A to B but imagination will take you everywhere. Now that life has taken me from Australia to California I am on a mission to discover the creative places that will spark imagination.

On the first weekend of every month Laguna hosts Artist Open Studios in Laguna Canyon. In an effort to find my Dust Temple replacement I checked out the event and was energized by John Repka’s studio. His textured oil paintings built around a grid are definitely worth seeing. He was awesome enough to tour me around – explaining all of his tools and creative process. Motivated as ever to build myself a similar place so I can start to paint again.

Until then, sketching it is. In honor of Einstein’s inspiring quote in this time of transition and my challenge to create content in each post I sketched the Einstein Trio. Influenced by Anser – a Toronto Graffiti artist known for minimalist one line contour portraits – the plan was to draw a continuous line portrait of Einstein (you can see the 3 attempts in order above).