Open House Creative

Abstract art lays a path and gives the viewer enough of the right elements to build his/her own stories using imagination. The concept can be frustrating for people who focus on the meaning. Instead, focus on what confronts you (if anything). A shape, a colour, a pattern that makes you take a second look. Then contemplate why you felt you needed to look again…

For an artist there are two approaches to abstract art. You can either abstract reality or try to bring an abstract thought (or the metaphysical) into reality. The latter is generally the hardest and, in either case, the ability to edit your work and know when to stop is the biggest challenge. Personally I find working with acrylics (that dry fast) on multiple pieces at once helps the attention span. Working with other artists and learning from their approach can also be a great reset.

The focus for tonight was painting with other artists at OpenHouseCreative – a creative hub in Costa Mesa which brings together up and coming talent in the Orange County to showcase and to teach. Tonight’s Abstract Art session was run by local artist Kasey Murray. Here is what I came out with.