'Merica c.2015

Headspace c.2015

Reflections c.2015

Conch c.2015


After an unsuccessful painting session earlier this month I pushed myself to draw every day after work no matter how exhausted I was or how much I wanted to procrastinate on anything else. And I am happy I did. My ideas are getting better. My imagination is getting more interesting. I love the fact that I will be driving home and think to myself ‘I really want to draw a girl falling out of a conch shell’ and then come home and do it. Why a conch shell? I honestly am not sure. It is a bit like dreaming where you let your mind go to random places. Although it does seem slightly random I have worked in consistent themes and imagery into each of the pieces to unite them – shading technique, symbolism through roses, people engaging with a focal point object etc.

I am excited about the progress and looking forward to the improved technical skill and imagination to translate into my next paintings.