Dust Temple

Coming out of a meditative state after two hours of sketching makes you realize there is nothing better than being in the flow. Funny that when Csikszentmihalyi first started to research the psychology of being ‘in the zone’ it was inspired through observing artists lost in their work.

This week I went to my first life drawing session of the year at Dust Temple in Currbumbin. First, Dust Temple is incredible – a hole in the wall art gallery and espresso bar breathing artistic life and culture into a surf town. It’s my dream to build something like this whenever and where ever I finally settle. Second, I’ve realized practicing figure drawing is the best way to get in the flow and emptying my mind.

Prerequisites for getting in the flow are said to be the balance of a higher than average challenge combined with the comfort with the skill required to meet it. In figure drawing you’re challenged to draw what you see, under a time constraint. A focus on fast passed sketching frees you from getting hyper focused on precision and skill.

From the sketches below you can get a sense of my process when figure drawing:

1. Observe

2. Plan composition – using the foreground objects to help with proportions

3. Draw the whole figure fast then add details and shading

4. Practice one line sketching – build confidence in drawing free form bold lines