Beneath the Water

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on a new series that is both exciting and nerve-wracking. One, because my creative ADD makes it hard to stick to one theme and two, because that new theme is very different than my usual abstract/colorful work. The concept for it came when I was living in the Gold Coast, Australia. Far away from the city I love, I made an effort to jump into the ocean every day – even when it was cold, or the waves seemed scary, or I was nervous about what creatures I could run into. And every time it was worth it. There is nothing like getting tumbled in a huge wave or pulled by a strong current to make you realize how small you are and how insignificant your stresses are in context with the bigger picture.

Beneath the water – tries to capture water’s ability to reconnect us with our primal depths and subconscious while letting go of the excessive rationality and traditional conscious state. The dark water images capture how both the ocean and the unconscious can seem dangerous and almost impenetrable. The sea can swallow the strongest men and greatest human inventions. In its depths are ancient creatures as old as humankind and where the greatest earthquakes are born, leading to destructive tidal waves on land. But exploring the ocean, although dangerous, can also lead to new discovery. In the same way, the subconscious can wreak havoc on the waking life but exploring it can help us rediscover our deepest strengths, ambitions and identity.